Two Bottles, One Nutrient

Two bottles, one nutrient

CANNA offers a complete COCO program. This means we have COCO medium as loose fill or in the form of slabs, as well as a COCO nutrient which is adjusted to the COCO medium. Unlike nutrients for growing on other mediums, which are usually divided into a vegetative and a flowering solution, this one is not. You still need two bottles; COCO A and COCO B.

Coco fiber typically contains little Calcium and even less Phosphate; on the other hand it does hold lots of Potassium compared to other type of mediums. These are some of the nutrients plants need but there are not proper amounts of it present in coco coir to cover the plant’s needs. This is why CANNA Research developed a COCO nutrient that completes the CANNA COCO medium to exactly what the plants is looking for. It is quite obvious that when using COCO medium, lots of Calcium and Phosphate and very little Potassium need to be added to the coco which is exactly what the CANNA COCO nutrient line contains.

The amounts of Calcium and Phosphate that have to be present for the nutrient to do its job properly are quite high. When you put such highly concentrated elements in one bottle they will conflict with each other sometimes resulting in a slimy residue of sorts. The design problem is: your plants still need both elements and they need them in large amounts, in spite of their conflict.


We found that when you separate these two elements from each other then mix both of them with the water in your nutrient reservoir later on, there is no problem. You could say: they can’t live with or without each other. This is exactly why CANNA COCO is divided into a two-part nutrient solution known as COCO A and COCO B. There are two bottles but it is actually only one fertilizer, so you need both of them to work as a complete nutrient.

Left: COCO A                 Right: COCO B

Where any brand of COCO nutrient is sold in only one bottle with no residues in the container, this should be a ‘sign on the wall’ for you to know there cannot be high enough amounts of both Calcium and Phosphate present: you’re probably being ripped off. The fact that we divided it into two bottles is actually clever thinking and proof that our formula is strong enough and cannot be put in one bottle.

Let us illustrate what would happen when all ingredients are put together in one bottle anyway:

COCO A + B mixed
The residue doesn’t appear instantly, but it will take some time to settle


  • To prevent any residues from appearing in your nutrient reservoir, always mix the A and B portions separately in the reservoir with a large amount of water.
  • First mix the COCO A solution and stir well before adding the COCO B solution to help prevent saline residues.
  • Always use COCO A and COCO B in equal amounts.
  • When you choose to grow on COCO you need a special COCO nutrient as well. The CANNA COCO A + B nutrient will give the best results when combined with CANNA COCO medium.
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