At the heart of the CANNA COGr line lies the COGr board. This board consists of a sophisticated mix of coconut grit, coconut fibre, and coconut granulates.

Advantages of the CANNA COGr board:

  • Thanks to the coarse coconut structure, the COGR board has the unique property of being able to absorb large amounts of nutrients, moisture and air simultaneously, which are made immediately available to the plant.
  • This makes the medium superior to all other growing media, promoting faster root development and higher yields.
  • COGr boards are ideal for transportation. They are delivered in dried and pressed form. In this form, they only weigh less than 4.5 lbs.

Please read the 'Directions of Use' below carefully. Convince yourself of the superior properties of this top quality, professional product.


Directions of Use


  • COGr boards are pressed and delivered dry, which facilitates transportation and storage, see (1)
  • In order to prepare them for use, the COGr boards must first be soaked and buffered in the specially prepared COGr Buffer Agent. The boards will increase in volume from 3 liters to 17 liters of top quality substrate, see (2)
  • Dilute the COGr Buffer Agent with water in the ratio 1:500 and adjust the pH to 5.5-5.8
  • Add ± 12.5 liters of diluted buffering liquid per COGr board,using a watering can or hose, see (3)
  • Drainage slits are made either before or after the Buffer Agent has been added, depending on which system you use, see (4)
  • Leave the COGr in the Buffer Agent for 24 hours to allow for total conditioning. Allow the excess moisture to drain from the slab and then make holes for the plant, see (5)


  • The COGr is now ready to be planted, see (1)
  • As soon as the cuttings are in the slab, we recommend that you use CANNA RHIZOTONIC. This encourages root growth and facilitates rooting within the slab. More vigorous plants are formed, yielding a more productive plant. RHIZOTONIC can be added through hand watering or an irrigation system, see (2)
  • Start with COGr Vega with an EC of1.5 mS/cm2, pH 5.5-5.8. See (3)
  • Once the plants have developed a good root structure, the EC should be raised to 1:250. Recommended EC:1.8-2.4 mS/cm2, depending on the quality of the water and its EC


  • Use COGr Vega up to and including the first 2-3 weeks of the flowering period. Once growth has peaked and flower formation begins, it is time to start using COGr Flores (dilution 1:250;EC 1.8-2.7 mS/cm2; pH 5.5-5.8). See (1)
  • During flowering, the plant needs more phosphate and potassium which can be supplied by adding CANNA PK 13/14 for one week (timing depends on the time it takes from floral initiation to harvest). Result: extra yield. see (2)
  • Stop giving COGr Flores a week before harvesting
  • Just give water and CANNAZYM during the last week



  • Due to its solid structure, COGr can be reused 3 times without any problems or quality loss.
  • Harvest the plant and remove the plant remains above soil level, see (1)
  • Rinse the COGr granulate thoroughly with a double dose of CANNAZYM and allow it to rest for 24 hours, see (2)
  • Buffer Agent is no longer necessary, so you can begin planting immediately, see (3)


The guideline for full grown plants is 4-6 liters/m2 a day. The recommended number of drip feedings is 1 to 3 a day. Drip feeding should preferably take place during the daytime when the lamps are on. Provide sufficient drainage (10-20%). With tap water that has a high salt content (EC > 0.6 mS/cm2) the percentage drain should be increased to prevent salt accumulation.


  • When cultivating in plant trays with a sealable drainage system, it is easier to begin by making the drainage incisions, then turning over the COGr and filling the plant container with the buffering solution.
  • Once the plants have been in the COGr for two weeks, it is recommended that CANNAZYM be added to the feeding. CANNAZYM breaks down dead roots, provides more air in the slab, prevents plant diseases, stimulates the soil's micro life and makes extra nutrients available to the roots. CANNAZYM can be given continuously with the feeding (dilution 1:400) or once a week(dilution 1:100). Furthermore, CANNAZYM increases the re-usage possibilities of the COGr.