CANNA Coco 50L Bags

CANNA COCO is a widely popular substrate for your favorite plants. It is known for its high quality and as a trusted medium.

CANNA COCO consists of coco fiber pith that is processed under strict quality control to create a pure, consistent product. Our coco is washed and buffered, providing an ideal environment for plants that is ready for immediate use.

  • CANNA COCO medium has a consistent, uniform structure that provides an ideal balance for water and air
  • CANNA COCO medium is made with the highest quality, cleanest ingredients, thanks to CANNA's unique production process.
  • CANNA COCO provides amazing water and nutrient holding capacity, which provides resilience to your production system
  • CANNA COCO medium can be re-used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix improver after use
CANNA Coco 50L Bags

Directions of Use

  • Water with CANNA Coco fertilizers till 10-20% drainage is achieved. Water again with nutrient solution once the plant has consumed 50% of the nutrient solution originally applied. 
  • When using a large container, a thin layer of clay pebbles can be put at the bottom of the bottom to increase drainage.