Advantages of CANNA COCO

Coco growers that really want the best of the best choose CANNA COCO. It is a sophisticated combination of high value coco substrates and fertilizer that guarantee the best results.

CANNA COCO promotes healthy plant development

CANNA COCO substrate is more airy than for example potting mix. This means there is more room for rooting and plants get much more oxygen. In turn, this encourages growth, bloom, and succesful yields.

Coco medium is eco-friendly, make from otherwise discarded coco husks

Advantages COCO

CANNA COCO substrate is environmentally friendly. No energy wasting production methods are used during the production of this long-lasting, cultivation substrate. Coconut fibres are obtained from the coconut husks which are a natural product that can be harvested throughout the year.

Effortless cultivation

It's easy to grow on CANNA COCO. All the nutritional elements for the growing and flowering phase are present in the CANNA COCO A & B nutrients. CANNA COCO substrate has been uniquely buffered and has a sponge-like structure, which ensures that nutrients are made availabile to the plant. The plant can then regulate the amount and timing of its nutrient intake.

CANNA COCO stores water and nutrients

Coconut fibers have an ideal texture for retaining water and nutrients. This means that the period between waterings can be longer if needed.