NEW CANNAtalk issue 26 out now!

NEW CANNAtalk issue 26 out now!

24 November, 2014
We have a whole brand new issue of the CANNAtalk ready for you! The researchers from CANNA have been working very hard in order to produce some new information.

This issue is all about soilless growing media. The first research article explains you what exactly is a good quality soilless growing medium and the second one is all about growing medium design basics.

We also have a Grow it Yourself about how to grow zucchinis. This issue also includes: useful information in our 'Pests and Diseases' section about snails and slugs, a Grower's Tip and a Questions ans Answers section.

Download CANNAtalk Issue 26

Of course all the previous issues are available to download as well. Or visit your local hydroponic store for a hard copy.