CANNAtalk 39


  • CANNA Research: Light absorption and color dependent plant interactions4
  • Grow it Yourself: The terrible tater9
  • Questions & Answers: Your questions answered!12
  • Grower's circle: The new frontier: transitions into the world of led lightning14
  • Factographic: LED there be light17
  • What's Happening? Vertical farming18
  • Pests & Diseases: Air quality as a source of disease20
  • CANNA Research: Radiant options: a closer look at light equipment22
  • Grower's tip: Optimal watering and fertigation technique27
  • Puzzle: Win a 1 liter bottle of CALMAG28
  • Facts: Ants farming habits, how moss spreads, the importance of Amazonian tapirs29
  • What's next30