CANNAtalk 35


  • CANNA Research: Producing Coir, taking the Pith4
  • Grow It Yourself: Field pea9
  • Questions & Answers: Your questions answered!12
  • Don & Nicky: Bringing the heat with the latest gardening techniques'14
  • Factographic: Broomrape16
  • What's happening? Green fingered robots18
  • Pests & Diseases: Parasitic wasps20
  • CANNA Research: Coir - Common forms and applications22
  • Grower's tip: Re-using coco is easier and safer than you think!27
  • Puzzle: Win a 1 liter bottle of CANNA PK 13/1428
  • Facts: Parasites, phenotypes and soil health29
  • What's next? All about climate30