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CANNA is the Dutch expert in cultivating your favorite plants in cocoponics, hydroponics and potting mixes. Passion and love for plants and helping growers achieve the most optimal result characterize CANNA's philosophy. This has led to products that are a carefully balanced blend of the finest main and trace elements for each growing medium and fertilizer combination. CANNA offers products of a consistently high quality, all over the world.


Even before the company was established, the founders were already scientifically pioneering with plants. Dissatisfied with the existing range of fertilizers at that time, they developed a nutrient that rapidly became a success. The first users to try the product noticed that the quality of crops improved dramatically. The results were so outstanding, that CANNA's first-born twins; CANNA Vega and CANNA Flores (nowadays known as the SUBSTRA line), were taken into production shortly after.

This marked the start of a business that within just a few years was to develop the most innovative and reliable products. This innovative approach was not limited to proving itself in the production of specific products. It had an influence on other details too, as it turned out CANNA fulfils a pioneering function. One result is the standard mixture ratio of 1:250 for nutrients which was introduced by CANNA and which is now often a standard.



Team spirit and love for the plant are just a few keywords that characterize CANNA's business philosophy. We keep the whole production process in our own hands. From development to research, via marketing and sales to the unique environmentally friendly production line. CANNA also has its own logistics department. And of course a laboratory where passionate scientists unravel the secrets of nature. The passion for plants is shown in CANNA’s quality products. All of this enables us to offer a product of a consistently high quality.


Research & Development

We believe that he who takes the grower seriously, treats the development and testing of a product with equal seriousness. We take as long as is necessary for the development of a new product, actually two years on average. We also need to be certain why exactly something works. In addition, we first undertake an extended investigation in various countries in order to list all the possible conditions.

Not a single CANNA product is simply placed on the market. We only do so when we are 100% certain that a product will have an optimum performance.

Quality proves itself

Experience, inspiration and the latest plant research have resulted in formulas that guarantee everyone, including inexperienced growers, can achieve amazing results! The use of our products is clean, simple, easy to use and they do not harm the environment. This has resulted in the fact that CANNA products are successful in more than 30 countries.



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