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  • The Ideal pH level

    The Ideal pH level

    It is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of growing, but pH is very important (read: pH...
  • Grower's Tip: Ventilation

    Grower's Tip: Ventilation

    When growers ask for advice to increase their yields, they usually get questions in return that are...
  • Introduction to pH

    Introduction to pH

    The pH of the soil and the feeding water are essential aspects of a good feeding plan. pH does not...

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  • CANNA Terra Vega

    CANNA Terra Vega

    For a plant to achieve its full potential, it needs proper care and nutrition. CANNA Terra Vega...
  • CANNA Terra Flores

    CANNA Terra Flores

    CANNA Terra Flores is nutrition produced especially for the generative phase and contains more...
  • CANNA Aqua Vega

    CANNA Aqua Vega

    CANNA Aqua Vega contains all the essential ingredients that your plant needs for the all-important...