• Featured Download CANNAtalk #29
    cannatalk 29CANNAtalk #29
    Featured Download CANNAtalk #29
  • Need To Know: Season 2
    Need To Know: Season 2We triggered you, made you curious and finally we can proudly present you the first video of a new Need to Know series!

    Everyone knows how important a healthy root system for a plant is. But do you actually know how to achieve this, how you can recognise healthy roots and what happens if you give too little, too much or water in an inconsistent way? No? Then you really should check out this new Need to Know video!
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQBecause we receive a lot of questions from growers and CANNAtalk readers through this website, requesting our help in resolving issues they are experiencing in growing their crops, we decided to create a new item on this site. Over here you find a lot of questions about our products and growing methods in general.