About Substra

About Substra

Tested for years

With CANNA SUBSTRA nutrition for fast growing plants, CANNA became a pioneer in the cultivation on substrates. With substrate cultivation, the soil is replaced by an inert growth medium. Inert growth mediums, such as rock wool, do not contain any nutrients. SUBSTRA is the best nutrition for growing on inert substrates. CANNA SUBSTRA is used especially on 'run-to-waste' systems; these are systems where the drain water is drained off.
CANNA SUBSTRA has been the most used nutrient in the Netherlands for years.

Precision cultivation

With CANNA SUBSTRA growers have an optimum control over what their plants are offered. It does require more know-how than growing on soil for example, but higher yields can be achieved due to the fact that the nutrition absorption can be better arranged. Like this, immediate adjustments can also be made when something threatens to go wrong.

It is also important that there are no damaging ballast substances in the offered nutrition because this will have an immediate negative influence on the plant's development. Of course, CANNA SUBSTRA is free from these substances.

Hard and soft water

In order to make the nutrient supply as accurate and complete as possible, a distinction must be made based on the water quality. Among other things, the water quality has an effect on the availability and the supply of nutrients. For example, there are more nutrients dissolved in hard water compared to soft water (e.g. magnesium and calcium) and more acid is needed to set the pH. This in turn influences the availability of the other nutrient elements. The logical result of this is that, due to the difference in water composition, a hard as well as a soft water version of CANNA SUBSTRA is available.


Growing on inert mediums is still the most widely used growing method in the Dutch horticultural sector. With run-to-waste systems, the nutrient solution runs once past the roots and is then drained off. This means that the nutrient solution must have the correct composition.