CANNAZYM New and Improved

19 February, 2010
Product Updates
CANNAZYM has a new face and a whole new outlook on life. This revolutionary CANNA product introduced enzymes to the green market many years ago. It remains unmatched in purpose and performance; quietly protecting the investments of our growers from the ravage of root disease and pot binding.


CANNAZYM continues to be the only enzyme product on the market today that specifically targets the food source and underlying cause of root binding, old cast off and dead root material. How could we make it even better? Could we improve its steady, unswerving purpose that has so satisfied the needs of growers around the world? Well, we did.

More concentrated

CANNA increased the concentration of enzymes in the new formula CANNAZYM by changing some production processes. This increases the activity of the enzyme on cellulose while decreasing the response interval for function. This is a technical way of saying the product simply works better for your plants. We have always said, and it is indicated on the label, to shake well before using. By increasing the concentration and changing the preservative, it is now even more important to shake the bottle before using. The constituents of CANNAZYM could now slightly separate on the shelf but will always slip back into suspension very easily by shaking the bottle.

Dark Color

You will notice the new CANNAZYM appears with a different shade of color. This color remains fairly stable throughout its shelf life. On the old CANNAZYM, the lighter the color of the product got, the older it was. This is not the case with the new CANNAZYM. Color no longer indicates the age of the product. That has extended too.

Better shelf life

We are very happy to announce that the new and improved CANNAZYM has a guaranteed shelf life of 24 months versus the single year expiration date of the old. Storage conditions will always affect products. Keeping CANNAZYM dark and close to between 48°F and 70°F (9°C and 21°C) will serve to extend the storage period, especially after opening the bottle. This means less worry about old product on the shelf. Don’t forget to shake it!

CANNAZYM New and Improved


Freezing of CANNAZYM has sometimes been an issue with the old one as well, mainly in Canada. Temperatures as low as -30°C (-22° F) were no exception. Ice crystals did destroy some enzymes, reducing enzyme activity. The freezing issue has been solved in the new, adjusted CANNAZYM formula; the enzymes are now better “protected”.

New Label

The product label has also changed to reflect the updated formula. It is now listed as 0 – 2 – 1, and classified as a fertilizer with an addition. Expect higher EC rates with the product. However, it should not get high enough to seriously affect a program we endorse. Growers who believe ‘applying more is always better’ will have to use some caution perhaps.

So, after many years of exploration, CANNA is proud to introduce its new and improved version of CANNAZYM. Understand, it is the same thing, just better.