Advantages of CANNA COCO

Coco growers that really want the best of the best choose CANNA COCO. It is a sophisticated combination of high value coco substrates and fertilizer that guarantee the best results.

CANNA COCO stimulates root development

CANNA COCO substrate is more airy than for example potting mix. This means there is more room for rooting and plants get much more oxygen. This stimulates growth and bloom and produces bigger yields.

RHP certified for Professional Horticulture

Advantages COCO

Most substrates that are certified RHP, have earned that certification by steam sterilizing the medium because it is easier and less expensive Unfortunately there are downsides to steam sterilization. One is the mediums' loss of the ability to naturally protect crops against harmful molds like Pythium. Steaming also converts plant usable Nitrate nitrogen to plant toxic Nitrite nitrogen. Steaming also changes the structure of the coco and as a result it retains more water, which is not a good thing.

CANNA COCO is the only R.H.P. certified coco substrate that is unsteamed. CANNA COCO earned the R.H.P. mark by fully controlling the production process from the moment the nut drops from the tree. It is possible, therefore, to offer a product that still has desired beneficials that have strengthening properties.


CANNA COCO substrate is environmentally friendly. No energy wasting production methods are used during the production of this long-lasting, cultivation substrate. Coconut fibres are obtained from the coconut husks which are a natural product that can be harvested throughout the year.

Effortless cultivation

It's easy to grow on CANNA COCO. All the nutritional elements for the growing and flowering phase are present in the CANNA COCO A & B nutrients. Due to the unique buffering capability of the CANNA COCO substrate (it binds nutrients and releases them), and its sponge-like structure, the nutrients needed to ensure high yields are stored in the coco. This means that the plant itself can regulate the amount and timing of its nutrient intake.

CANNA COCO stores water and nutrients

Coconut fibres have sufficient capillary action to retain enough water and nutrients. This means that the period between waterings can be longer if needed.