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Dear CANNA Website Member,

For a while now we notice there are rumors being spread about CANNA and our products in regards to competitors and their products. With this email we would like to give you more information.

The rumors regard competitive companies that imply to have a connection with CANNA. Either by being affiliated or having collaborated with CANNA in different ways. This is by NO means true!

To enervate these rumors we wrote an article that gives an insight in our company. The article will be published in our magazine CANNATalk # 14. We didn’t want our CANNA website members to have to wait for that publication so below you’ll find a preview of the article in advance.

We hope this gives you clarity about what is true and what is not. For further questions or comments please contact us at

CANNA...what’s true and what’s not?

Preview article CANNATalk #14

The hydroponic market is one that is booming. The plain logic: new products and new companies rise or enter the market every day it seems. This gives growers around the globe the choice to find a company or product that fits him or her best. On the flip side, the hydroponic market is also one that is filled with confusion, misconception, rumors and unfortunately lies. In that regard we wish to create a little clearance about CANNA.

For a while now we notice there is some confusion about CANNA. The main reason seems to be that competitors claim to have a connection with CANNA. Or even try to make people believe that CANNA itself spreads the word to have a connection with other (Dutch) companies. This by NO means is true!

Some of the fairytales you might have heard include: owners of competitive companies have founded and developed CANNA or designed CANNA nutrients and then started their own company. They say CANNA does not have their own facilities and that they are the ones who bottle the CANNA products. CANNA is the same product as theirs or an older formula of their “better” product. There’s even a story about CANNA just being a marketing department of one competitor and so on. These companies also try to make people believe they are big(ger) or even the leading scientists in Holland/Europe, after all, who will check whether that’s true? And on top of that, if these companies choose to pack their products in bottles similar to CANNA’s, we understand these lies all may sound very believable to people but again none of them are true.

Since these companies don’t officially claim such a thing in (published) media or documentation we will not mention the company names involved at this point. All of these false claims seem like a sales pitch and might not even be instructed by the companies’ upper management. Still, the word seems to be travelling and there will always be people believing nonsense without doubt.

Although we feel kind of flattered, it turned from a good laugh into a more serious, unfair and above all untruthful way of conducting business. As CANNA is a company strongly believing in honesty being the best policy and chooses that as their way of conducting business, with grower’s interests at heart we hate for them to fall victim to others and their untruthfulness. To enervate rumors we would like to tell a little bit more about our company and products.

True Research

CANNA is owned by its founders up to this very day. They are the ones who build this company and made it the worldwide success it now is. Opposite to what many companies only claim, CANNA is just one of the few within the industry that truly has its own research department located on multiple locations in several countries in Europe and North America. This enabled CANNA to design all of the CANNA products in our own laboratory and test the products over and over again in our own test facilities across the world before bringing it to the market.


CANNA is proud of its pioneering role within the hydroponics market. When CANNA developed CANNA COCO as a growing medium it shocked the market. Only few people were used to growing on coco at that time and were limited to growing solely on coco bricks. CANNA introduced the loose fill to the market, in combination with CANNA COCO nutrients that were specially designed for the characteristics of CANNA COCO medium, a perfect match! Nowadays growing in coco is very popular, it concurs (and often beats) the traditional growing in soil culture. Nonetheless, CANNA was the first to bring it to the retail market.

Product Development

There are people who think CANNA hardly introduces new products. We often hear this comment and the truth is we do launch new products but, only if they are consistent with our current products. In other words, only if they are truly useful for the grower and the product range we already offer. A fair deal we would say. After all, it’s about quality not quantity. Nonetheless, there seems to be an unstoppable demand for new products and especially additives. Instead of just quickly filling the need for that demand we choose to only launch a new product when we strongly believe in it, it has been tested numerous times and growers will experience better results with it.

One of our last introductions was CANNABOOST (2007). Please send any (negative) comment on it to So far we’ve received zero negative feedback responses from the huge and increasingly knowledgeable crowd of (indoor) growers around the world. Another confirmation that our extensive research is worth the patience and price of the product. We know CANNABOOST is costly but the results are in line with what you pay for the product. Besides, with other brands you often need several products to obtain the result CANNABOOST gives you in 1 bottle.

We also believe in improvement. And with the ability to keep testing our products, the feedback we get from the market and the experience we gain over time we are able to keep enhancing already good products like we did with CANNAZYM in 2010. It is easy to claim a product is new and improved. But to discover a totally new way of making the product work even better is something else.

Together with the New & Improved CANNAZYM we also updated our Do-It-Yourself test which is a tool to test the active enzymes in any enzyme product. If you want to have tangible proof about the quality of your enzyme product, do this test! It will also show you the differences between CANNA’s and competitors’ products. (Go to and watch the clip that shows you how to perform the test).


Although we pride ourselves in doing the proper research & development we also acknowledge a sincere and true demand for several type of products that we don’t have in our range yet but could be of direct added value for the grower. Often this is related to (slight) changes in growing techniques and growing cultures over many years. We are honestly working on product development 24/7. At the right time, we will launch the right products and you can count on the quality, consistency and a genuine purpose of the product. After all, Quality proves itself!

Until that time, don’t be fooled by make believe Robin Hood stories...

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